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INTRO: Set the tone and familiarize your listeners with your main theme.

BUMPER: A brief theme variation often used between segments or breaks.

OUTRO: Close things out and leave an impression.

My name is Jonathan Biegen I have been writing music and creating content for over 15 years with writing experience across multiple genres. I spent several years in a band called Love, Robot picking up techniques from engineers and producers over the years and recording with a small DIY setup at home. I'm also heavily involved in Animal Rescue and have refined my abilities to edit polished videos, graphics and websites. When I'm not writing music If you need an original, professional produced song for your next project, I would love to hear from you.


When I'm not working I'm rescuing pups over at my nonprofit 

Stuff You Should Know Jingles

The jingles that launched my journey into Podcast music, here are some of the best examples of short and sweet multi-genre work.



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