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Podcast Jingles

My name is Jonathan Biegen I have been writing music for over 15 years with writing experience across multiple genres. I spent several years in a band called Love, Robot picking up techniques from engineers and producers over the years at many professional recording studios and recording with a small DIY setup at home. After Stuff You Should Know Podcast reached out to write some original music, I realized the potential to create  Well-versed high quality songs  for new creators who want to stand out from stock music. Eventually I built up the collection you see below and focused on expanding into other ways to write for creators too. If you need an original, professional produced song for your next project, I would love to hear from you.

Stuff You Should Know Jingles

The jingles that launched my journey into Podcast music, here are some of the best examples of short and sweet multi-genre work.

Podcasts I've Made Music For

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